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Manually define a book as a Personal Doc for Kindle 2 (Windows only, for now)

 One of the new features on Kindle 2 is the Personal Docs filter on the Home Screen.  Until recently, this feature did absolutely nothing. Starting today, new documents sent through Amazon's conversion service will contain the flag to display in the Personal Docs section.  But, previously converted documents remain unchanged.

If you have your original files, you can re-send them all to Amazon for conversion.  Many people delete the originals once they have the Kindle version, so this option won't work for everyone. So, here's what you can do:

1. You will need to install MobiPerl <>
2. You will need to install Mobi2Mobi_GUI <>
3. Use Mobi2Mobi_GUI to change the cdetype to PDOC
     Note: cdetype is found in the EXTH type drop-down box (don't forget to check the box next to any field you're changing)
4. Click "convert"

Your new file will now show up in the Personal Docs filter on Kindle 2.

Now, there should be a way to change this from the mobi2mobi command line. I know it can change mobiheader items, even though the switches aren't undocumented, but I can't figure out how to change the extended header fields.   Below is the item that tells Kindle 2 that the file is a personal document:

EXTH    item: 501 - CDEContentType - 4 - PDOC

I'd love to have comments on command line (or Mac-friendly) methods.
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